Emma Goes to Preschool!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

First days of school are some things that are new for us this year! Emma is due to start kindergarten in August, so we enrolled her in a little preschool program at the Bilingual Child Academy to get her started and ready for this big change. She's really growing up!

Emma on the morning of her first day of school.

Saying goodbye to little brother on her first day of school.

Emma's 5th Birthday

Emma blowing out the candles on her strawberry cake.

We're so happy Emilio could visit us for this day!

Celebrating the 13th at Grimaldi's Pizza - a family tradition!

Being 5 means check-ups to dentist and doctor! Look at those perfect chompers.

Favorite Family Shots

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Emma the Jarocha Princess

Since Emma's birthday is on the 13th and we left Veracruz on the 6th, the family decided to eat some tacos al pastor, cake, 3 kings bread, etc. and celebrate Emma's birthday early. We had a small gathering with family and friends and broke open 2 piñatas. Emma is dressed up in a traditional Veracruz outfit and calls herself a "Jarocha princess" Jarocha meaning "girl from Veracruz" and princess, well...did you see the dress? It's meant for a dancing princess of the finest kind! She's almost 5!!


Ben with Chelsea the dog.

Veracruz Aquarium

Waiting to hit the piñata!

Las Choapas

Trolley ride around port of Veracruz.